Total Ownership

As promised to a recent connection, here the basics of Total Ownership.

Total Ownership addresses the responsibilities of mass market production towards the environment from the perspective of what is sustainable and what is feasible, be it during a transition to lessen the impact of consumer products afterlife, be it in the desirable mature phase i.e. once Total Ownership has been deployed and perfected and is therefore a standard practice.

In manufacturing, Total Ownership implies the assumption of total responsibilities towards product afterlife by manufacturers and therefore should drive design and production decisions towards manufacturers being able to recover product components in their entirety by devising product disassembly lines with as much attention as is, and has been, devoted to product assembly.

Total Ownership does not assume that everything should be recycled but that afterlife value of specific parts of any product should be evaluated and that the cost associated to their disposal should be estimated in the design process as part of overall production costs with the aim to optimize design and production under this perspective too.

Paola Cantadore
Pignofix*  2008