Mundo Feliz

This note has been written for, and inspired by, Mr. Bill Gates and the problems he addresses through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mundo Feliz mission is ‘Clean the World’ – this task implies:

  1. Clean energy production by implementing solar roofs i.e. solar tiles vs solar panels. This approach digitizes (intended as dividing into minimal. easy manageable parts) solar energy production as in Tesla Solar roofs.
  2. Digitized sanitation (domestic) by implementing ‘at a massive scale’ O_Burners where O stands for organic.
  3. Domestic waste management by implementing door to door collection of pre-selected waste specifically PET, Paper, Glass, Aluminum and Tin.

All data regarding these implementations will be managed through dedicated blockchains.

All three implementations aim to address very important problems:

  1. increasing energy demand
  2. the need to preserve and, where needed, restore the quality of sweet water resources and particularly water tables
  3. hamper the impact that high standard of living provenly has on the environment and, through the application of best practices, allow those area that are predictably bound to high population growth and that are in the process of achieving higher survival rates, health and education to grow WITHOUT adding to the depletion of the natural environment.

WHERE Mundo Feliz?
Short term target areas are: Italy, USA and, subsiquently, the rest of the world (2025).

WHEN Mundo Feliz?
This proposal addresses problems that although well perceived are not considered urgent, starting now, with the following objectives:

  1. solar roofs, 5% solar roofing per target country (Italy, USA) by 2025;
  2. 80% implementation per target country by 2030;
  3. 35% implementation by 2025 in target areas.

Besides, the overall target is to transform those areas where all three services are deployed in carbon neutral areas.

To sum it up, this venture long term vision is ‘clean the world’ by addressing the impact of domestic organic waste on our environment.
In the midterm though, while progressing towards the targeted goals as defined above we would also like to address pollution due to plastic waste through the development of a mid size P_Burner, where P stands for Plastic, to serve communities up to 1000 people. In fact, if we could burn plastic in an environmentally safe way, a great part of the world would all of a sudden find out that is surrounded by fuel.

And this is, as anticipated, the core of the venture purpose and goals.

Paola Cantadore
Pignofix* 2010